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2/3/19 - Chattanooga - Introduction to Sashiko Stitching - WORKSHOP FULL

Aaron Sanders Head Sashiko Workshop

I am thrilled to be partnering with Townsend Atelier in Chattanooga, TN for this special Sashiko stitching workshop! Participants will learn the basic stitches and patterns of Sashiko stitching, along with a brief history behind Sashiko stitching and its origins as a decorative utilitarian stitch. After learning the basic rules of Sashiko, participants will then be encouraged encourage to bend those rules and develop their own stitching voice.

Participants are provided with naturally dyed fabric for stitching on, along with naturally dyed thread for stitching with, and students will leave with a wall hanging of 4 stitched swatches. Participants will stitch original sashiko-inspired patterns by the instructor, and even learn to condense their own sketches into stitching designs. This workshop is open to all experience levels, and is geared towards beginners.

Participants are also encouraged to bring a textile, home good or article of clothing that could use some hand-stitched embellishment. Denim clothing, linen accessories and any medium-weight homegood are perfect for this.


Provided by instructor:

·   Naturally dyed fabric

·   Naturally dyed thread

·   Needles, thimbles, threader, snips and all assorted sewing materials

·   Rulers and marking pens

·   Hand-bound booklet with Sashiko information

Optional extras provided by students:

·   Clothing or home good for embellishment

Registration can be found here.