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2/23/19 - Appalachian Arts Craft Center - Exploring Sashiko and Hand-Stitching - WORKSHOP FULL


Join Aaron Head, Nashville-based visual artist, for an exploration of Sashiko and Hand-Stitching on Saturday, February 23rd from 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m at the Appalachian Arts Craft Center in Clinton, TN. Participants will learn the basics behind hand-stitching, as well as the stitches and patterns of Sashiko stitching. After learning the basic rules of Sashiko, participants will then be encouraged to bend those rules and develop their own stitching voice. Participants will learn the meditative and mindful properties of hand-stitching, and learn to read Sashiko patterns.

Students are provided with naturally dyed fabric for stitching on, along with Sashiko thread and other naturally dyed thread for stitching with, and students will leave with at least 4 stitched swatches.

Students are also encouraged to bring a textile, home good or article of clothing that could use some hand-stitched embellishment or mending.

Denim clothing, linen accessories and any medium-weight home good are perfect for this.


· Naturally dyed fabric

· Naturally dyed thread

· Needles, thimbles, threader, snips and all sewing materials

· Rulers and marking pens


· Clothing or home good for embellishment