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11/4/18 - Dallas - Hand Piecing A Naturally Dyed Quilt

Join me at Oil & Cotton in Dallas, TX for a workshop in hand-piecing a naturally dyed quilt. In this workshop, participants will explore the beautiful world of indigo, hand-stitching and quilt-making. In the first part of the workshop, participants will learn to dye natural material in a plant-derived indigo vat, and learn basic shibori techniques for pattern making. Participants will then learn introductory hand-piecing techniques for creating a mini log-cabin quilt, and hand-quilting and stitching techniques to add visual interest. We will then combine their dyed fabric with naturally dyed fabric provided by me to create a hand-dyed, hand-pieced wall-hanging.

 Materials provided by instructor:
· cotton fabric for dyeing
· scraps of naturally dyed material for adding color
· indigo vats and all related materials
· batting
· quilting and sashiko thread, and assorted materials

More information and registration is available through the host here.