Stitch kits are BACK! Really this time! Stitch kits have been one of my most asked about projects. and it has taken me a lot of thought to figure out how to create them in a way that's sustainable for my own energy, and affordable. And I've made progress! Stitch Kit #2 is available now, right here, for the same low price as Stitch Kit #1.

Stitch Kit #2
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This kit focuses on the Tortoise Shell Stitch, my personal favorite (shown above in two variations). You'll begin by learning how to mark your fabric and how to create a traditional version of the Tortoise Shell Stitch. Then, using my provided instructions, you'll learn to layer up your stitch work and bend the traditional rules a bit to create at least 5 different patterns, with endless room for variation within that.


What's included in each Stitch Kit:
- Reusable cotton indigo shibori bag
- 4 naturally dyed 6.5" squares for stitching. These are chosen at random, but are all either 100% linen or cotton, and dyed with madder, indigo, black walnut, osage, cochineal or marigold. You’ll get 4 different colors.
- 1 large piece of indigo-painted fabric for stitching. This fabric has been painted with thickened indigo paste and is perfect for stitching.
- Naturally dyed stitching thread in 3 colors. Plenty to create your own motifs.
- Sashiko needle
- Hand-out with basic instructions on marking your fabric and stitching this pattern, along with access to a special section on my website with videos and more in-depth instructions.

What you’ll need:
-Ruler. A transparent quilting ruler is best, but any ruler will work!
- Marking pen of some sort. You can use chalk, fabric pens, or even just a pencil. The reason that you’ll be marking your own fabric is to allow for greater flexibility with your stitching, and to teach you to mark your own, so that you can easily scale your patterns up or down in size.

These kits sold out in less than 24 hours last time they were available, so I encourage you to snag one!

Stitch Kit #2
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