Stacey Holloway - Herds

"We all have an innate desire to belong and to love, to form intimate relationships and strong emotional connections, yet our hopes, dreams, and desires are not always realized. My interests lie in the animal realm, where strong societies are formed within herds, unusual interspecies friendships and adaptation is required, pure instinctual capabilities are necessary for survival, and body language, sounds and scents are used to declare disfavor, profess love, announce dominance, and express pain. 

Herds illustrates dreamlike installations that juxtapose imagery of domesticity and feral wildlife. From the moment we transition into adulthood, we are in a constant quest for the concept of a “home;” to once again find a rapport with a space and a herd. I also examine the uncertainty of a future and how quickly one small decision can unintentionally alter an intended plan and analyze indecision as a present, uneasy circumstance. I use animal behavior, the landscape, and architectural drafting as mechanisms for metaphors of uncertainty and longing, and through my sculpture build narratives situated at the point between possible success and potential failure."

Herds was displayed in Lowe Mill's North Floor Gallery in 2016.

All photos courtesy of Sarah Cole/Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment.