Merrilee Challiss - Haus of Shamanista

Merrilee Challiss’ intensely personal work occupies a space between Victorian and Voodoo aesthetics, both of which present an almost obsessive devotion to craft, with a foot in the spiritual realm. The vernacular within her work is inspired by native and visionary work, but is a language that is completely hers, and lends to an immersive gallery experience. Her work explores contemporary shamans and her place on a spiritual path, and the attempt to reconnect with that spirtuality. “My paintings picture my mind’s tableaux of imagined realms, abstracted from reality and real forms. The paintings are failures of my attempts to represent energy and consciousness in its various stages, respective to the subject. What is left of our world, despite our best efforts to destroy it, is still rife with wonder and beauty, fecundity and meaning.” 

This show was on display at Lowe Mill from March 9, 2016 – May 7, 2016.

All photos courtesy of Sarah Cole/Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment.