Jamey Grimes - Aster

Jamey Grimes’ work deals with having a conversation with nature, which can turn hostile or tranquil–the title itself, 'Aster,' refers to a structure created from the splitting of a nucleus. Jamey’s memories of nature meld with his imagination and unlikely materials to create contemporary landscapes, while the juxtaposition between natural forms and synthetic materials initiates a dialogue on the power of observation and imagination. Grimes works in a variety of media, including woodcarving, glass casting, and 3D printing. With this body of work, Grimes primarily uses corrugated plastic, traditionally used for signage, that is cut, melted, and suspended to create a room-sized environmental landscape within the gallery.

This exhibition was on display at Lowe Mill from January 6, 2016 – March 5, 2016.

All photos courtesy of Sarah Cole/Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment.